Fitness Training

Renaissance Programs for Women /Being with Grace                             

 All classes 45 min, taught by Grace M.

Monday 2pm Being with Grace – REFIT@ Gov. Club Fitness Center 

Tuesday 7am  Being with Grace – REFIT @ Gov. Club Fitness Center

Workouts on the Being With Grace YouTube channel!

All the Following classes are available for your Community Center, Church, Fitness Club or Private Facility

Awesome Arms:

From the upper back, shoulders, chest, biceps & triceps you will define your look if you stick with it

Being with Grace: 

Dance style  fitness experience designed to include some toning as we engage the heart as both a muscle and a soul; that finishes with a standing pilates, stretch and meditation

Cardio Core:

30 minutes of easy to follow cardio followed by 30 min. of core work to strengthen, balance and improve flexibility

Pump :

Total body strength training class using free weights, barbells and other equipment as needed. You train to your own level in a guided for correct form


Aerobic moderate intensity class, no jumps. Totally low impact. Total body workout without tricky choreography

Mind/Body /Holy Spirit (Faithfully Fit) :

Powerful high cardio upper body work-out, followed by intense lower body series. It will test your endurance infused with powerful positive affirmations for strength and confidence

Resistance Bands:

30-minute, total-body workout using weights combined with some cardio

Pain in the Butt:

Quads, butt, hamstrings, inner/outer thighs will all be on call for this focused work-out


Every movement starts from the core. Can be done on the mat, standing or on the ball. Will strengthen the core and lengthen the spine when you focus and engage the abs

Praise Moves:

No Yoga here…Christian class for flexibility and strength


Try 3 great exercise combos…cardio strength and flexibility

The Core:

Abdominal, oblique and lower back workout done in 30 minutes with a focus on stability.  Great For surfers and other athletes.

50 & Fabulous:

Dance your heart out have fun and enjoy a great easy to follow cardio work-out that improves grace and style

Fitness Is Progression Not Perfection